Welcome, Veganistas!

Oh hello! Welcome to my first blog as the Trendy Veganista. I figured it would be a good idea to start things off with an introduction, and some fun facts about me.

^ That’s me. Sitting at one of my absolute FAVORITE restaurants, Gnome Cafe, ready for some bomb noms. I am a professional dancer in a company called Annex Dance Company, as well as a manager for a studio called Dance Moves of Charleston. I am happily married to the most amazing man in the entire world, and I have 3 adorable little kitties.

I have been vegan since my sophomore year of college, and haven’t regretted one minute of it (even after being asked how I’m getting enough protein as a vegan dancer). My favorite color is lilac, but you will only ever see me wearing black, grey, or beige. I am a proud Libra, and a type 2w3/3w2 (these are enneagram types, and you should definitely find out yours). I am the 2nd child in a family of 5 and, though we have had our fair share of dysfunction, we are closer than most people are with their fam. It’s a party when we all get together.

*eating disorder trigger warning*

I am recovering from anorexia. Not a lot of people know this about me because I have always been seen as the girl that never stops smiling, and I didn’t want to let anyone down (hello, type 2 enneagram coming at ya haha). The truth is I have always struggled. I struggle with depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, anger, dissociation, and honestly who knows what else. But guess what? SO DO A LOT OF PEOPLE! It wasn’t until I finally told someone about my struggles that I realized I truly was not alone with how I was feeling. I started to find comfort in my community, and what comes with community? Bomb noms. And what comes with bomb noms? A step towards recovery.

Now look at me! Starting a blog all about the good food the world has to offer, and where you can find it. I will be filling all of you fancy veganistas in on where to find vegan food and products as I travel the world with my hubs. I hope you are as excited for this journey as I am!

P.S. Did you see that muffin in my photo? It was delish.